I don't do well talking about myself, but that's a bit self-defeating, what with that being the goal of all this, right?

I do like sarcasm, and a bit of self-effacement, and downplaying the things that I adore the most, and details, details, details.

I don't know how to develop the knack of actually writing with those things I just mentioned above. But perhaps practice will bring this capacity about?

I do, also, like lists. So here's a list of things that I likely am, to lesser or greater degrees:
  • mother
  • partner
  • queer
  • curious
  • experimental
  • desirous
  • spread-too-thin
  • piecemeal (looking for the puzzle edges?)
I'm very, very lucky, and I'm trying to find a way to more constantly embrace that. The problem with being a details person is that one off bit can spoil the mood, and that's rather a lame way to live.

I live in the best place in the world for a pessimist to be (Buffalo, NY) - but I'm truly an optimist at heart.

I have this theory about balance and resistance - I'm working on it. Some systems are so broken that they must be righted by honest, enthusiastic people; and some systems are so broken that they require resistance through absolute refusal, a radical opting out - the trick is to find out which ones are which.

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