Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the spirit...

... of that fake German that sits as the subtitle for this whatever-this-is, I've been working on divestment. On lightening up.

(I have to remind myself to do things like this fairly often; it's apparently my lifelong lesson, which means I have to learn it over and over again. Or practice the realizations that I had at some point prior.)

So, this means looking at many different aspects of my life and asking simple/hard questions.
  • What have I been saving that has outlived any potential for its use?
  • What have I been holding on to "just in case..."? 
  • Do I have expectations (of myself, of life, of whatever) that I have outgrown? That are holding me back? That are no longer relevant?
  • What habits need to be broken? Begun? 
  • Where do I waste? Where could I save? Where should I expend or give more?
This process is physical and psychical in perhaps equal measure.

I've thus far been bravest in the realm of stuff - much has been donated, some has been tossed, some has been sold. It helps that we're moving soon - the impetus behind stripping down to what we need and enjoy the most is particularly strong and also urgent.

Of the more internal work, I find myself thinking a lot about what I assign as my "shoulds" - and coming to the pointed realization that I need to throw many of these away, too. The next few weeks (months?) are going to be about unburdening and disconnecting from some no-longer-necessary patterns.

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